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Client: Bradford District Care Trust

Project: Bradford District Care Trust

Services: Travel Plan Development,  Travel Surveys

Travel Plan Services were commissioned by Bradford District Care Trust to assess current travel patterns and outline a range of measures to assist in reducing single occupancy car travel (where possible).  This was undertaken as part of the sustainability agenda within the organisation but also, the work had clear operational benefits as the Trust aim to reduce car parking demand at key sites such as Lynfield Mount Hospital and New Mill (their HQ).  We conducted a full travel survey and are now currently undertaking a detailed assessment of the findings with a view to presenting to their senior management team.  We have also been commissioned to translate that formal assessment into a living document; a summary which illustrates the commitment of the organisation to minimising car use through the delivery of a range of measures to support and encourage sustainable travel.  We have also been appointed on an ongoing basis to provide support to monitor the effectiveness of the travel plan programme to ensure they continue to benefit from full membership of the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network.

Client Comments: 

‘As part of our expanding environmental strategy Bradford District Care Trust recognised the need to formalise existing sustainable transport initiatives into a comprehensive Green Travel Strategy. In addition, increased staff numbers at key buildings have increased car park pressure and an environmentally aware and cost effective solution was required.

The Care Trust worked with TPS on an in depth on-line travel survey to baseline existing modes of travel and the views of staff on how they currently travel and what changes would assist them to travel more sustainably.

TPS worked with the Trust to analyse the survey findings and develop a targeted action plan to reduce single occupancy journeys, and provide enhanced facilities and support to maximise car sharing, cycling and public transport use.

The Care Trust will use the Green Travel Strategy to ‘drive forward’ embedding  sustainable travel in the decision making process at the Trust, whereby travel implications with be taken into account when services and projects are developed’.

Naomi Makin (Energy & Environment Manager)

Bradford District Care Trust