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Client: Queen's University, Belfast

TPS were appointed by the Queen’s University at the start of 2015 to deliver a number of specific tasks, to support the organisations in house travel plan coordinator. Further details of each task can be found below:

  • Staff and Student Travel Survey

    The team at TPS were recently appointed to design, undertake and report on the University’s annual staff and student travel questionnaires, as part of the development of a updated travel plan strategy for the forthcoming five-year period.

    Our team prepared bespoke, branded online questionnaires (one each for staff and students)  that assessed both day to day travel patterns and issues as well as capturing data on how students get to the university at the start of term (and where they come from). The process involved a review of the University’s previous surveys to ensure data captured could be compared with previous years, and thus trends over time identified.

    TPS Design developed a standalone, branded webpage that acted as a central ‘portal’ for the surveys – all marketing / promotion of the survey directed staff and students to the webpage.

    Our in-house survey package enabled us to set out the survey in a manner whereby respondents answered only questions relevant to their journey (thereby reducing the survey length and maximising response rates). In analysing the results, we were also able to cross-tabulate key datasets in order to identify determinants of travel behaviour that might otherwise not have been obvious.

    TPS worked with the University’s Travel Plan Coordinator, John McCann, to design surveys which captured the range of information required in a user friendly and easy to complete format. The surveys included questions from which an indication of likely Scope III emissions from commuting could be calculated.

  • Travel Plan Strategy Development

    Following on from the staff and student surveys, TPS has been appointed to develop a new five-year travel plan strategy on the University’s behalf. This will involve a thorough review of travel planning activities to date and their effectiveness in contributing toward the qualitative and quantitative targets set within the existing strategy.

    The strategy will be presented as both a technical document and a user friendly ‘glossy’ overview document for more general consumption (prepared by TPS Design).

    We are excited to be working with QUB for the first time and hope to have continued involvement in delivering and monitoring their travel planning activities.