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The UK economy may be in difficulty, with many industry sectors finding development tough, but one area of the housing market that is currently experiencing healthy growth is the sector providing residential accommodation for university students. With our flexible approach, TPS has been able to offer a range of services to a number of student residential providers, both from the development planning perspective, and for travel plan implementation

The Student Housing Company

One industry leader, The Student Housing Company, has appointed TPS as their corporate travel plan advisor. In addition to transport statements and travel plans for planning submissions, we are currently implementing a number of travel plans across the UK, which includes direct correspondence with student residents, annual reviews of travel plan success, and the design and hosting of bespoke websites for each scheme.

Case Studies

In the sections below, you will see a number of case studies that provide details of how we have assisted various student residential schemes to become sustainable travel sites, and to successfully negotiate the planning system. If you would like to see how we can help you effectively develop your own student accommodation scheme please get in touch.

  • The Student Housing Company

    As one of the most forward thinking student residential providers, The Student Housing Company has recognised the value in having a strategic partner to help develop a corporate approach to travel planning. In doing this, they achieve a consistent quality of product and value for money through economies of scale thanks to the holistic approach taken by TPS. In particular, we are very proud of the travel websites that we have established at a number of locations to help students plan journeys to the site at the beginning of term, as well as providing information about the local travel options for getting around during the course of their tenancy. The developments we have worked at include:

    • Magenta House, Whitechapel – London
    • The Costume Store, Ealing – London;
    • Dorchester House – Bournemouth;
    • Hoe Centre – Plymouth;
    • Britannia Street, Islington – London; and
    • Lochrin Place – Edinburgh.

    We believe that our approach for The Student Housing Company is practical to implement, and has been positively received by local authorities implementing planning conditions. As a result, TPS is happy to discuss similar arrangements with other providers, and will help to ensure that travel planning commitments are realised and suitable for purpose.

  • City Student Living, St Peters College Birmingham

    This developer required our assistance with the planning application for a 91 unit scheme, and we were able to provide a Transport Statement and a Travel Plan. Building upon our experiences within this market sector, our work reflected the likely trip patterns of students and investigated the local transport infrastructure.

    In the same way, our travel plan reflected the best practice we have established at other locations, and ensured that all measures were appropriate and within scale for the development. In addition, we took the opportunity to consider the location of important local services such as shops and health care options in order to see how this would impact upon the length and frequency of local trips.

  • Coda Studios, Egerton Street – Sheffield

    This 152 bed proposed development on the outskirts of Sheffield city centre was another that required our combined expertise, with TPS being appointed to prepare both a Transport Statement and Travel Plan for the scheme. Potentially home for students from three institutions, the analysis included scrutiny of trips by all modes to a number of possible destinations.

    Coda Studios are one of a number of businesses that use our services on a regular basis to support their development work, and no matter what the project, they rely upon us providing a flexible and accurate assistance to help achieve positive planning outcomes.

  • Watkin Jones, Moland Street – Birmingham

    At TPS we pride ourselves upon creating travel plans that are fit for purpose. For this site close to Aston University, we constructed a travel plan that reflected the likely trip destinations of the student residents, and considered the best ways to implement and test the functions of the travel plan.

    At this site, the operator was known, and with the scheme to be managed by  The Student Housing Company, we were able to apply the corporate principals that have been part of our work for them in the past. This included preparing a travel website, and monitoring progress annually to ensure that measures were implemented and targets were being met, allowing review periods at the end of every academic year to adapt the travel plan as necessary.

  • Portobello Street – Sheffield

    Catering for around 100 students, and with excellent active travel links to campus and the city centre, this site was ideally suited to providing student residential accommodation. Our work in providing a travel plan illustrated the ease of access to a range of local facilities, and how the onsite infrastructure will help the residents make the most of the travel options in the area.