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Client: The University of Chester

TPS have been appointed by the University of Chester to undertake a range of tasks to both support the travel plan programme, and to assist the University’s estates team as the organisation goes through a period of rapid expansion.

  • Travel Plan Strategy Development

    TPS have been appointed by the University to prepare travel plan strategies for a number of different sites, in support of planning applications as the organisation goes through a period of growth. These travel plans have covered:

    • A new student accommodation development;
    • A new out of town campus, known as the Thornton Science Park;
    • A new city centre campus location.

    In preparing each of these travel plans TPS paid due regard to the University’s existing organisation wide travel plan strategy, whilst drawing upon our own experiences to ensure that the measures proposed were practical, realistic and appropriate.

    TPS have since been appointed to prepare a strategy review document, pulling together in a concise and user friendly format all of the organisations different strands of travel plan activity.

  • Cycle Hire Feasibility Study

    TPS have been appointed by the University to undertake a feasibility study into the introduction of a pool/hire bike scheme across the various campus locations. The study will assess the type of scheme that may work best across each campus, the costs to introduce the scheme, the required management arrangements, and the potential for the scheme to become self-financing via a range of income streams.

    In preparing the feasibility study will we also consider the benefit of expanding the scheme to the wider Chester city centre area, allowing use by members of the public.

  • Onsite Events and Promotions

    TPS have initially been appointed to run five ‘drop in sessions’ across the University’s campus locations. Each session will allow staff and students to collect information on the various travel options available, to ask any questions and to receive face to face advice and support.

    Our team will manage the entire process, from the design of a branded pop up display (to act as a back drop to the sessions), to engagement with other stakeholders attending the sessions (such as the local Council) and the sourcing/production of relevant hard copy information for distribution.

  • Campus Travel Guide Design

    TPS have been appointed to prepare three travel guides, covering the University’s primary campus locations. Each travel guide will set out in a user friendly format the range of travel options available to that specific location, the support available through the travel plan programme and key sources of further information.

  • Transport Statements

    TPS have been appointed by the University’s estates team to prepare Transport Statements in support to two separate planning applications. The first application related to the creation of a new site access at the main city centre campus, whilst the second related to an application for a significant change of use that would lead to the creation of a large new campus site.