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Travel Plan Services provide a range of services aimed at maximising the use of sustainable travel options. From strategy development through to the delivery of marketing campaigns and bespoke measures, our team have been an industry leader for the past fifteen years.  

We have experience of having worked across a range of sectors to deliver projects of varying natures and scales. From our role at Bank of America where we are responsible for the delivery of the corporate travel plan programme, through to the design of a bespoke cycle guide for the University of Sheffield or the delivery of ‘Dr. Bike’ sessions, our services are tailored to suit the specific needs of individual clients.

Within this section of the website we have sought to categorise some of the services offered, however to get a real feel for the work our team undertake we would suggest taking a look at case studies section.

Find out more about how we help with ....

  • Strategy Development

    For further information on how we can help develop a clear strategy for your project please click here
  • Strategy Management

    Our service extends beyond strategy development to include full or partial project management support. This often involves us acting in the role of Travel Plan Coordinator on a clients behalf. To find out more please click here
  • Promotions and Marketing

    The preparation and delivery of promotional and marketing material/events is a large part of what we do. To find out more please click here
  • Delivery of Measures

    From PTP projects through to Dr. Bike sessions, we have the tools you need to deliver your sustainable travel project. To find out more please click here
  • Monitoring the Impact

    Regardless of the aim of your project, it is important to monitor the success of the interventions that you deliver. To find out more please click here